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Balustrade Brisbane – Which Balustrade Should You Choose?

There are many great different types of balustrades available for your deck or patio. To help you make up your mind on which balustrade you would like for your deck or patio we have provided for you information on the most popular balustrades.

All We Do Is Decks are deck and patio builders experts specialising in building only decks, patios and timber walkways in Brisbane.

As we are specialists in the field we are experienced and knowledgeable about all the different types of balustrades and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Please remember when you are choosing a certain type of balustrade that security is the most important criteria. You can however be assured that we will advise you correctly if there are any concerns in this regard.

Types of Balustrades

Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade

Stainless steel balustrades are extremely popular and there are many good reasons why that is so. In the first instance they are very easy to clean and maintain, they don’t rust easily and are very strong.

Stainless Steel balustrades are not only functional but they are also very aesthetically pleasing providing a simple yet luxurious, smart look.

The major disadvantage of stainless steel balustrades is that they are generally more expensive than other balustrade options.

stainless steel balustrade

Glass Balustrade

One of the most popular options is glass balustrades. The reason why is obvious, with glass balustrades you have an uninterrupted view from your deck or patio. If you have a stunning view from your deck of say the Brisbane River or bushland you may be very tempted to choose glass balustrades.

If you patio is located in a wonderful garden that you have spent many hours on, again you will probably be very tempted to select glass balustrades for your patio.

There are several other advantages of glass balustrades including the fact that they are a good windbreaker meaning you can enjoy your patio or deck even on windy days.

However there are also disadvantages in selecting glass balustrades for your Brisbane patio or deck. Firstly glass balustrades are in general more expensive.

Secondly glad balustrades need to be kept clean. If you don’t regularly clean your glass balustrades then the whole point of having glass balustrades is ruined. Instead of having a beautiful outlook you will be looking at a dirty smeared balustrade to a murky picture of your garden or other view.

Another downside to glass balustrades is the problem of creating a green house effect. If you glass balustrade is west or north facing it will become warm. Thus you need to take into account the aspect of your deck or patio when deciding on glass balustrades.

Timber Balustrade

Timber balustrades are most often chosen by people with a wooden home such as a Queenslander. There is a huge variety of different timber balustrades that you can choose from for your Brisbane deck or patio.

Timber balustrades are often very attractive and can enhance your home. With timber balustrades you also have more options, you can choose to oil, stain or paint the balustrades and banisters.

The downside to timber balustrades is that they do require regular maintenance.

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