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Composite Decking Brisbane

Composite Decking is also known as plastic decking and eco decking.

All We Do Is Decks are Deck specialists and experts in building eco decks in Brisbane using composite decking materials.

With All We Do Is Decks you are assured of obtaining a quality stunning composite deck at an affordable price.

What is Composite Decking?

Most types of composite decking are made from recycled wood and plastic, thus they are eco friendly.

The plastic in composite decking comes from a variety of sources such as milk bottles and plastic bags.

It is also possible to obtain eco decking that is made from bamboo and recycled plastic.

Composite decking comes in a range of different colours. You can also have an eco deck that has fake wood grains in the composite decking boards.

As for timber decking, composite decking comes in boards. They are also available as deck tiles.

There are a number of different suppliers of composite decking in Brisbane with the largest being Modwood, TimberTech and FutureWood.

What are the Advantages of Composite Decking?

The first obvious advantage is that they are eco friendly being comprised on plastic and recycled wood scraps.

The next major advantage of an eco deck is that there is less maintenance required than for a traditional timber deck.  This also makes composite decking more eco friendly as you don’t have to use any chemicals that will harm the environment when cleaning your eco deck.  To clean your composite wood decking all you need to do is give it a good scrub once a year or so.

It is noted that the lighter composite decking boards are more difficult to keep clean than the darker boards so you might want to take this into account when choosing your Modwood, FutureWood or TimberTech boards.

Composite decking comes pre-coloured and you never have to paint it, oil it or stain it.

Another factor of this type of decking material is that it won’t rot like timber does. This makes eco decking durable and long lasting.

Another great advantage of Modwood or TimberTech boards is that they actually deter termites!

It is also possible to obtain composite boards that are bushfire resistant.

Some composite decking materials come with anti slip properties.

Mould and mildew are less of a problem with composite eco decks. The composite decking material absorbs less water than timber does meaning the eco deck is less likely to get mouldy. Should your eco friendly deck become mouldy it is also easier to clean it than a mouldy timber deck.

Unlike traditional timber decks composite decks are less likely to warp or splinter in a few years which can happen to timber decks because of our hot Brisbane climate.

With composite decking you also have a nice smooth and flat finish with no evidence of nails. This is also good for little feet (or big feet!) which can get hurt on popped nails in timber decks. Composite decking materials have also substantially improved in recent years and it is possible to obtain a composite decking product that looks like a timber deck.

A really great advantage of this type of decking material is that it is more flexible and thus has more unique possibilities than a traditional wood or timber deck. Thus the design of your eco deck can be more creative and different than what can be done with a timber deck.

A really great aspect of composite decking is that the board lengths are consistent which makes for easy installation so your eco deck will be constructed quicker. The uniform board lengths also provide a great looking eco deck.

Composite decks too retain their original appearance year after year.

What are the Disadvantages of Composite Decking?

The major disadvantage of composite or plastic decking is that it is more expensive than timber decking. However the higher price may in the long term actually save you money as your composite deck will last longer and you won’t have the maintenance expense that comes with timber decks. Thus compared to timber composite decks will actually save you time and money over the lifetime of your eco deck.

The second major drawback of composite decking is that if it gets scratched or damaged you can’t sand it back like you would with timber decking. Should your eco deck become damaged you would need to replace the entire board or boards.

A third disadvantage of eco decking is that depending on the composite decking material that is used your eco deck may fade in time. However as we are deck building specialists we will ensure that the composite decking product we use is the best available for your budget and your personal preference.

Furthermore composite decking cannot be used for load-bearing or structural work, thus you will still have some timber or steel used in the construction of your eco deck.

As composite decking is very sensitive to temperature it expands and contracts at a different rate to the frame that it is built on. This can cause problems if your deck builder does not take this into account when designing and constructing your deck.  However with All We Do Is Decks you are in expert hands and we are very experienced and skilled in building eco decks.

Eco Decks with All We Do Is Decks

Because of the advantages of composite decking, eco decks are becoming more and more popular. Also the composite decking products are improving all the time. Thus if you can afford it, you want a low-maintenance deck and you like the look of composite decking, composite decking might be a good choice for your new deck.

We at All We Do Is Decks are very happy to discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of composite decks. With our extensive knowledge and experience we will be able to help you make your decision as to whether you want a traditional timber deck or an eco friendly deck.

If you call us on 0412 896 744 you will most likely be speaking to the owner (Dale) of All We Do Is Decks and he or a member of his team will be able to answer your questions immediately. You could also email us at and we will respond promptly to your inquiries.

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