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Outdoor Decking Materials

There are many options regarding the type of outdoor decking materials that can be used to create a stunning and durable deck.  In Brisbane we are increasingly seeking a lifestyle of indoor and outdoor living.  A deck added to your home can substantially change the way you life providing alfresco dining, somewhere to relax and read a book, and a great place to entertain family and friends.

Another great advantage to having an outdoor deck is that it adds resale value to your home.  A deck can truly transform an ordinary house to a lifestyle home.  A deck can make your home more attractive to potential buyers.  Thus you will have a greater number of potential buyers.  This leads to an increase in the price that you will obtain once selling your home.

Decks too can lower to some extent the amount of work you do in your garden, the larger the deck, the less lawn to mow!

All We Do Is Decks build all types of decks and patios with the outdoor decking material of your choice.  The different types of outdoor decking and the pros and cons of the various outdoor decking materials are provided below.

Types of Outdoor Decking Materials

Natural Timber Decking

Natural timber decking creates a feeling of warmth and on a hot day is cooler underfoot than stone or brick pavers.  This characteristic of timber makes it a great outdoor decking material for around swimming pools.  Timber too absorbs water so as outdoor decking around the swimming pool it is also less slippery resulting in less accidents and falls.

Another positive attribute of timber is that it is a totally renewable resource and thus a better environmental choice.  Please note that you need to ensure that your deck builder uses only approved outdoor decking materials which come from plantations that have environmental friendly replanting policies.

Composite Decking

The main advantage of composite decking as an outdoor decking resource is the reduction in maintenance that it required.  Timber decks do need on a regular basis to be sanded back, re-oiled, re-vanished or repainted..  Timber decks too are more susceptible to rot and possibly even termite damage.

Decks constructed using composite outdoor decking materials can also be very attractive.  Furthermore the decking boards are specifically designed to endure Brisbane’s hot climate.  Composite decking is also a great choice for coastal regions.

In addition composite decking is also stain resistant and weather resistant.  Composite decking too is a good choice for decking around a swimming pool.

As composite decking is comprised of recycled plastics and wood fibers it is far less likely to rot or splinter as compared to a natural timber deck.

Maintenance of an outdoor composite deck involves washing the deck down.  The maintenance of composite decks is much easier than the re-sanding and re-staining etc. needed for timber decks.

Metal Decking

Metal as an outdoor decking material is an excellent choice for families living near dense bush land which is prone to bush fires.

Furthermore metal decks are (you may be surprised) affordable, require little maintenance and are weather resistant too.

The main disadvantage of metal outdoor decks is that they are slippery when they become wet.  Metal decking is not a good choice as a pool decking material.

The other important disadvantage of metal decking is that it does become hot in direct sunlight.  Thus if you are not planning on a covered deck, we suggest you steer clear of selecting metal for your outdoor decking.


Bamboo is an often forgotten outdoor decking resource and it shouldn’t be.  Bamboo, like timber has a natural beauty.

Another extremely important advantage in using bamboo decking is that it is highly sustainable.  Bamboo grows so quickly that the loss of bamboo as a building material is very quickly replenished.

Bamboo decking also comes in longer length boards which can provide a more attractive and consistent looking deck.

A word of caution when choosing bamboo for your outdoor decking, you need to make sure that the bamboo has been treated properly.  This treatment ensures the strength and durability of the bamboo used for your new deck.

All We Do Is Decks

All We Do Is Decks provide a full service for homeowners seeking a new deck.  We can design your deck for you, build the deck for you and clean the site after work is completed.  We do all this and still charge a rate that is affordable and a real reflection of the work and materials utilized in your new deck.

Our expertise as deck builders means that we are extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced in building decks with a full range of outdoor decking materials.

Please call us and we can come to your home and provide you with a free quote and some design ideas for a deck that would be affordable, durable and a magnificent improvement to your home.

outdoor decking

outdoor decking


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