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We would love to build a deck or patio for you using spotted gum decking.  Spotted gum timber is one of the most popular decking materials in Australia.  With a lot of expertise and some good hard work we will be able to provide you with a spotted gum deck that you (and us) will be proud of.

What is Spotted Gum Timber? 

Spotted gum is a eucalyptus and grows along the coastal areas of New South Wales up to Maryborough in Queensland.  It is also known as Lemon-Scented Gum.

Spotted gum trees are part of the Myrtaceae botanical family.  They grow erect and can reach up to 40 metres in height.  In the right conditions these trees can live as long as 40 years.

Advantages of Spotted Gum Decking 

The main advantage of spotted gum decking is that it is able to tolerate harsh weather conditions.

Spotted gum decking also comes in different colour variations from a light hazel colour to a deep red brown.

Spotted gum timber is UV resistant meaning it won’t fade as quickly as many other types of wood.

Spotted gum decking has attractive visually appealing wavy grain patterns and markings.

This hardwood timber is also easy to work with.

Spotted gum is naturally decay resistant.

Spotted gum timber is one of the hardest types of timber available in the world.

Being a hardwood spotted gum decks are less likely to be dented, marked or scratched as does occur with softwood decks.

Bolts corrode at a slower rate in spotted gum timber due to its very high pH value, the highest of all hardwoods.

Another very good advantage that you have with a spotted gum deck is that it is bush fire resistant.

Spotted gum decks can be stained, pained and polished easily.

As this type of timber is easy to work with your labour bills will be less than for some of the other hardwood options.  It also means that your deck will be built quicker so you can enjoy it sooner.

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The main disadvantage of spotted gum decking is that it is expensive.

Furthermore it is not possible to treat spotted gum decking effectively as the timber does not absorb the preservative treatments.

Also, if the spotted gum timber is not seasoned it can be vulnerable to corrosion damage.

Because the wood is so strong, pre-drilling is required when working with the decking wood.

Usually spotted gum decking comes in random lengths making the construction a little harder.

Spotted gum is also at risk to the lyctid borer.

One small point, as spotted gum timber easily absorbs stains it can result in overuse of the stain and you end up with a deck that has a darker finished than you wanted.  If you engage us at All We Do Is Decks to design, build and stain your spotted gum deck you can be assured that it will be the colour that you have chosen.

Working with Spotted Gum Decking

A good aspect of working with spotted gum is that it is so hard one is able to cut small pieces of the wood without breaking it.

Spotted gum has a fairly high content of sap so some of parts of the wood will expand and contract more than others.  Thus when working with spotted gum decking we always allow a 5 to 7mm gap between the boards.

All We Do Is Decks

All We Do Is Decks are specialist deck designers and builders in Brisbane.  We have constructed many stunning spotted gum decks for Brisbane families.  We can design and construct any type of deck that you require and will do so at an affordable rate.

Spotted Gum Decking Brisbane – Choose All We Do Is Decks to build your spotted gum deck or patio for you.

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