Bifold Doors

Bifold doors can significantly enhance your deck or patio.

Bifold doors unite your inside living area with your outside living area, expanding, even doubling your overall living and entertaining area. Thus when open and folded back bifold doors effective combine two rooms into one large indoor-outdoor room.

Bifold doors (also commonly spelt as bi-fold door or bi fold doors) come in many different sizes and designs.

The beauty of the design of bifold doors is that they fold back neatly and tidily taking very little space. This provides a clear unobstructed view to the outdoors and a widen opening which facilitates your enjoyment of Al Fresco living and dining.

The wide opening provided by bifold doors also means you are inviting nature into your home providing fresh air, ventilation and breezes to keep you cool in summers.

When closed both timber and aluminium bifold door containing glass inserts allow you to enjoy the outside view from the comfort of your home.

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Many bifold doors now have really good security features meaning you can still enjoy the benefits of bifold doors whilst being confident when you are not home that your house is secure.

There are now also available on the market fly screens that are integrated into the bifold door system. Thus you can, if you select this type of door enjoy uninterrupted view without the problems of insects coming into your home.

When choosing bifold doors you will have the option of folding the doors back both sides or just one side depending upon the size of the area requiring bifold doors. The doors too can be of different heights and widths providing a great deal of versatility and giving you a lot of choice.

There are also a number of different glass glazing options available which can facilitate you maintaining a view whilst also providing sun and heat protection in summer and enabling better heat insulation during winter.

It is noted that bifold doors with glass inserts do need to be regularly cleaned. This is especially true if you have children as their handprints will be clearly seem on the glass.

Timber and Glass Bifold Doors

Timber and glass bifold doors are extremely attractive and blend in perfectly with a timber deck or timber patio. Timber folding doors thus can enhance and complement your timber deck and add an extra dimension to your living area.

Even when closed timber and glass bifold doors allow natural light into your home and a view of your deck or patio and garden.

The ‘wow’ factor and warmth of beauty of timber bifold doors does however come with one downside. Timber bifold door do need regular maintenance to ensure their longevity and retain their attractiveness.

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 Aluminium Bifold Doors

Aluminium folding doors like timber and glass bifold doors allow natural light into your home even when the doors are shut. Also like timber and glass folding doors, aluminium bifold doors provide you with a view of your patio or deck through the glass to your outside area.

Less maintenance is required for aluminium folding doors and it can be argued by some that these doors are as, if not more attractive than timber bifolding doors.

Powder coated aluminium folding door provide good weather protection and long durability.

As for timber and glass folding doors, aluminium bifold doors require regular cleaning of the class to remove grimy handprints and dust and dirt.

Important Factors when Choosing Bifold Doors for you Home

The most important factors to take into account when choosing bifold doors for your patio or deck are listed below.

The design and type of bifold door that best complements your home, deck or patio.
The warranty provided.
The amount of security provided.
The ease of use.
The amount of maintenance required.
The longevity of the bifold doors.

Bifold Doors with All We Do Is Decks

All We Do Is Decks – We are experts in installing all types of bifold doors for your deck or timber patio and do so for an affordable rate.

Call us and we can discuss the pros and cons of the different type of bifold doors and determine which it most suitable to your needs and your budget.

Note – if you are planning to install bifold doors, you might also want to consider adding bifold windows as well.

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