Bifold Windows

Bifold Windows create the ‘Wow’ Factor

Bifold windows also allow you to enjoy an uninterrupted view outside and they are also very practical.

Bifold windows are also known as folding or concertina windows, some people also spell bifold windows as bi fold windows or bi-fold windows.

The ‘Wow’ Factor

Whether you choose timber bifold windows or aluminium bifold windows they will be a stunning and spectacular feature of your home.

In recent years bifold windows have seen significant improvements. In the past they were scaled down versions of bifold doors. Now you can obtain folding windows that are far superior and much more attractive.

The latest bifold windows provide more of a ‘wow’ factor than previously as they now have narrower frames and better hardware.

Outside View

When closed your folding windows will, like normal windows provide you with a view to the outside. However once opened, folded or concertinaed to the sides you will have a completely unobstructed view of your deck, garden, patio or trees and bushland.

If you are one of the lucky people to have a panoramic view of the ocean, mountains, city etc then folding windows are a must for you.

bi-fold windows

Practical Use

Bifold windows can provide you with a great servery linking your kitchen to your deck or patio. This makes entertaining outdoors even more easy so alfresco dining and entertaining will become even more fun and enjoyable.

Concertina windows can also be used elsewhere in your home and provide a greater level of ventilation than any other type of window.

Folding windows will allow outside breezes into your house keeping you cool in spring, summer and autumn.

Bifold windows now also come with really good security so you can have all the benefits that folding windows provide and still be certain that your home is well secured and protected against theft.

Timber Bifold Windows

The beauty of timber is never to be sneezed at. Yes you will have more maintenance with timber concertina windows that you would have with aluminium windows. However the warmth and beauty of timber can be compensated for by the additional work that is required to keep your timber bifold windows looking stunning year after year.

A fairly new entrance to the market is the option with some manufacturers to include a roll-down insect screen with your bifold window. Stegbar currently have this facility available with their timber concertina windows.

Proper Care of Timber Bifold Windows

When purchasing and installing timber folding windows you need to ensure that they are treated properly to allow the best protection from the elements such as rain and salt if you are near the ocean. If you can it is a good idea to have an overhang over your bifold windows to keep the damage and wear and tear to a minimum.

If you are installing timber concertina windows onto a covered deck, then they will be well protected from the weather.

Aluminium Bifold Windows

There are different types of aluminium folding windows providing a different level of protection against the elements and corrosion.

Some aluminium bifold windows have an anodised aluminium component that provides a greater corrosion resistance.

Also some aluminium folding windows have stainless steels bearing which provide better operation.

Obviously the higher the quality of the concertina windows, the price will probably also increase. However you need to balance the highest price against the likely longer durability of the better quality aluminium folding windows.

Factors that are Important when Choosing Bifold Windows for you House

When choosing bifold windows there are several important factors that you should consider and these are listed below.

You need to make sure that you choose folding windows that match in with the design and look of your home and/or deck.
You need to determine for yourself whether the extra maintenance needed for timber bifold windows vs aluminium windows is worth the warmth and beauty of timber.
It is important to carefully examine the warranty that the manufacturer provides for your chosen folding windows.
The security of your concertina windows is also important; you need to check how strong and reliable the locking system is.
You need to evaluate how easy it is to use your bifold windows, how easily do they fold back and open up etc.
Finally you need to balance up the longevity of your concertina windows against the price of the windows.

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Bifold Windows with All We Do Is Decks

All We Do Is Decks – As deck experts we are very experienced in installing both timber and aluminium bifold windows. We can also build a servery for you – and a new deck or timber patio!

You may also be considering bifold doors to further open your home to nature and extend your living area.

Please call us to discuss your plans and ideas and we will work with you to ensure you get the best possible outcome based upon your budget and scope of works.


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