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Advice on Deck BBQ Safety

Having a BBQ on a deck in Australia is a popular national pastime as depicted by the infamous advertisement with Paul Hogan using the new vernacular “shrimp on the barbie”.  In fact, we love our BBQs so much that an Australian made movie has been made entitled ‘The BBQ’.  This movie, a comedy starring Shane Jacobson and Magda Szubanksi has unfortunately been labelled a flop, with one reviewer claiming it as the “Worst film of 2018 so far, and the worst Australian film for a while.” Maybe we should stick to real BBQing!

As deck builders (who enjoy a deck BBQ ourselves and know just how important an Aussie barbie is) we always take into account the best and safest location for your BBQ when we design a deck for a family like yours, right here in Brisbane.

Nowadays, this is becoming even more important with the deck BBQ being more like an outdoor kitchen.  These large BBQ, wine fridge and kitchen units are the focal point of the deck and thus one of the most important aspects in the design of a new outdoor space.

Whether you have a small bbq or an outdoor kitchen, we thought we would share some of our deck BBQ tips, such as the ideal position and orientation of your BBQ so when you do throw a “shrimp on the barbie” it’s safe, easy and fun.

bbq deckSafe Location

First of all, finding a safe spot for your BBQ means finding somewhere with good ventilation.  There needs to be plenty of space around the BBQ to reduce the risk of fire – outside your BBQ that is!

Secondly, if the BBQ is going to be placed close to a wall, make sure that the wall surface is suitably heat resistant, or at the very least that there is a sizable gap between the two.

Thirdly, your BBQ should be in a spot free from tripping hazards, and out of the main walkways. This reduces the chances of any unlucky injuries.

Safe BBQ Use

Besides choosing a safe location for your BBQ, here is some more deck BBQ advice:-

  • First of all, use common sense! Keep children and pets away, be careful while lighting and monitor the BBQ while it’s in use.
  • Keeping a supply of water handy is important in case of any flame coming in contact with your timber deck.  This could be replaced with a fire extinguisher if you want to be extra safe.
  • When you buy your BBQ make sure that it is designed such that the grill directs grease away from the burners.  BBQ’s without this design are more susceptible to unexpected flare-ups which can be dangerous, especially near your house and on a timber deck!
  • Investing in a grill mat is recommended, as they are specifically designed for the purpose of protecting the ground underneath a BBQ or grill.  They are a handy addition to your BBQ setup, providing protection for your deck from any flying sparks as well as from dripping grease.
  • Be mindful of the weather. High winds may be a little problematic and can complicate ventilation, never mind being an unpleasant BBQ experience…
  • Properly extinguish your BBQ at the end of use, and make sure that the gas supply is shut off to avoid leaks. This makes for a safer deck environment for you and your family after your BBQ cooking is complete.

At the end of the day, the safest use and location of the BBQ for your deck varies from deck to deck or from house to house. Got any questions?  Talk to the experts at All We Do Is Decks for a helpful insight into their years of experience with everything deck-related.

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