Deck Lighting Ideas

Deck Lighting Ideas from Floor to Ceiling

In our opinion the added expensive of deck lighting more than pays for itself by the greater use you will make of your deck and the wonderful ambiance lighting can provide, never mind the ‘wow’ factor.

There are many different options available for deck lighting including some lighting options which do not require an electrician and deck lighting kits can be purchased from hardware stores such as Bunnings.

Floor Deck Lighting Ideas

Lights built into the floor of a deck create a really special lighting effect.  You can also have coloured lighting if you wish.

Lights that fit flush with your deck are a really good addition when you have a very large deck and post lighting is insufficient.

Deck Ceiling Lighting Ideas

For continuity it is often a good idea (depending on your decor) to have the same light fixtures on your deck ceiling as you have in your home.

Alternatively basket style pendant lights can create the tropical feel and also be very practical in the amount of light that is produced.  If you live in a very windy area you may want to think twice about this deck lighting idea.

Lighting your Deck Posts and Rails

Deck post lighting is also very attractive however you do need to remember not to place then where they will be at eye height when you are sitting down as this will hinder your view.  There is also the option of placing lights on the side of your deck posts to ensure that this does not occur.

Selecting specific posts for lighting is often a great advantage to highlight a certain area or the boundary of your deck.

Lighting placed under your deck rails creates an attractive downward subtle glow.

Practical Benefits of Lighting Your Deck

In actual fact the practical benefits of deck lighting are possibly even greater than the better presentation and attraction that your deck obtains through lighting.

Practical benefits of deck lighting include:-

Extended period of time that you will use your deck, from breakfast to dinner.

Safety is improved particularly if stairs and railings are fitted with lights.

Improved visibility for specific tasks such as cooking on the bbq and reading.

Solar Deck Lighting

The main advantage of solar deck lights is that they are the easiest lighting option to install.  Obviously there is some limitation to where they can be used depending on the amount of sun your deck obtains.

LED Deck Lighting

With LED lighting you have a choice of colours and even changing colours, just be careful not to overdo it, deck lighting in general is best if it is subtle rather than brilliantly bright.

Deck Lighting with All We Do Is Decks

If you are looking to have a deck built, covered or extended and want to know more about the different deck lighting options, call us on 0412 896 744 and we will be happy to discuss your deck plans and lighting plans with you.

PS If you are getting an electrician around to install deck lighting you might want to consider external power points for music, pedestal fans and even the Christmas tree.

PPS If you want to go the whole hog why not have dimmers installed and also timers to automatically turn on and off your deck lights.

deck lighting ideas

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