Deck Questions Asked and Answered

The answers to the most commonly asked questions we field as Brisbane Deck Builders are provided on our FAQ page. There are however some additional deck related questions that are asked less frequently but may still be of interest to others.  These are provided below.

Deck Questions

How long does it take you to build a deck?

Most decks require 1-3 weeks to physically build. From inception to completion including design and certification, approximately 8 weeks should be allowed.

How long does a timber deck last?

This really depends on the timber you choose and whether the deck has a roof. A deck with an appropriate roof should last well over 25 years and we like to think even more than 50 years. When built exposed to the weather,  the time frame will be much more variable. Careful choice of materials and hardware should be considered when building a deck and even more so if there is no roof. High quality hardwood construction alongside stainless steel/hot dipped galvanised fixings will provide the best longevity.

When building a deck for me can you include lighting in the stairs and on the deck itself?

Sure we can work with you to create a lighting plan as part of the design process. We have long standing relationships with professional electricians and can co-ordinate that work as part of your contract.

Do you recommend painting or staining a deck?

It is generally recommended to either paint or stain a deck and this comes down to personal preference. This is not absolutely essential for high quality hardwood species. Actually there is a growing trend, to let the hardwood naturally age with the timber “greying off”.

How long does Council approval take?

Council approval in general takes 3-6 weeks with any boundary relaxations having an impact on this. Building over or near council infrastructure (sewer or storm water) can certainly add to this time frame.

How much do you charge for designing a deck?

Design of your deck is part of the process and included in the fixed price. We are passionate about sensible, well considered design and have years of experience to draw from. Your deck should be created to better your lifestyle whilst also increasing the sale-ability and value of your home.

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Can you give me a rough idea of how much it will cost to have a deck built?

This is totally dependent upon the size of the deck, the decking materials and the deck design. The cost of decks usually starts from around $300 per square metre for a near ground deck and can get up around $1000 per square metre for second storey decks with a roof. A budget of between $10 000 and $40 000 affords the majority of our clients a wonderful deck.

Where can I see some examples of the decks that you have designed and built?

You can visit our gallery on this website.  You can also peruse our various social media profiles, you can access them at the top of our home page. A very useful platform is  Houzz Australia. We have a profile here: HOUZZ

I want to do as little deck maintenance as possible, what type of deck do you suggest?

The modern range of composite decking accommodates this scenario. There are many to choose from and most of the decision comes down to personal preference.

Is it okay to clean my deck with a high pressure hose?

Yes you can clean with a high pressure hose within reason. No need to blast it too hard though.

What is a UV deck treatment?

This is protection against the suns decks

Which is better, oil or water based stains?

We advocate water based acrylics, as they are more environment friendly which we are passionate about.

What deck materials are most eco-friendly?

We aim for all of the materials we source to be as eco-friendly as possible. All timber should be sourced from renewable forest production. At every opportunity we source locally, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local employment. Most composite decking is made from recycled materials.

Do I need to organise a skip, how much of the cleanup will I be responsible for?

You don’t need to worry about any sort of cleanup as we will do this on a daily basis as we work onsite. When we have finished building your deck for you we always make sure that there is no debris left onsite.

Does laying the grooved side of the timber boards up make the deck less slippery?

No, bit of a wives tale this one. Actually it is incorrect to lay the groove up. All that happens is that water sits in the groove making the boards deteriorate more quickly. It actually increases the likelihood of slips. We have replaced quite a few decks with this incorrect installation. 

Deck Questions with All We Do Is Decks

For further answers and information to all things decks and decking please don’t hesitate to email or message us and we will do our best to help you out. With a deck being a significant addition to your home it is crucial to have a professional with years of experience to build it correctly first time round.

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