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As a specialised Brisbane deck builder, we always take an interest in  new and alternative materials, unique deck designs and deck roofing ideas. We recently came across the House of Bamboo website and were interested in their concepts given the popularity of the Bali/tropical theme in outdoor entertainment spaces.

According to the House of Bamboo, some of their products are very durable making them suitable for outdoor use here in sub-tropical Brisbane.

Please note we have not used these products (or physically inspected them) but if they are half as good as they promise on the website we are open to their use to compliment a great quality hardwood or composite deck.

Deck Roofing Ideas with Sustainable, Natural Products

Several of these products can be used as deck roof liners or as deck roofs themselves and also for deck screening.  The products are touted as being all made of natural materials,  durable, sustainable and environmentally friendly. They appear to be able to convert your deck from an ordinary deck to a tropical oasis.  All you will need to do is add a couple of pots of bamboo, tiger grass or ginger plants and your visitors will think they have come to a tropical resort!

Palm Fibre

The palm fibre ceiling  can be used both indoors and outdoors. When used as a deck lining it can transform your deck.  It gives a really tropical feel and creates interest with its colour and texture..  It is comprised of palm leaves rolled and combined together to create sheets that are then installed under your deck roof cavity.  

deck ceiling ideas palm fibreNatureed

Another option is Natureed, this can also be used on top of your pergola roof to provide your deck with   filtered shade and some protection from rain. Your outdoor furniture would of course need to be very durable.  Again this is a natural product and environmentally friendly.  Natureed is lightweight, resistent to termites and moisture – so Natureed won’t get mouldy in Brisbane’s sub-tropical weather.   Natureed looks easy to install and is made more durable with the reed bundles held together with stainless steel. 

deck roofing ideas nature reed

Bamboo Poles

Probably the most durable of all is using bamboo for your deck roof.  Because of the shape of bamboo, your bamboo deck roof will allow more filtered shade than the previous two products, probably is not as quick to install but should last years and years.  The colour of the bamboo being exposed to the elements will over time fade in colour, but that is just part of its natural look.  Like Natureed, a bamboo pole deck roof will allow ventilation, and as hot air rises, the gaps between the poles and the cane reed will allow some heat to disperse.  On a breezy day, the Natureed and bamboo allow for cool breezes to pass through the gaps allowing more air movement which a solid deck roof would not. Of course, again there will be issues with rain and your furniture needs to be rated for full outdoor exposure.

As wonderful as some of these alternative product ideas are, they will never last as long as a colourbond deck roof, nor will they protect you from the elements as effectively. Careful consideration should be applied during the planning stage of your project.

  bamboo poles deck roof

Deck Privacy Screening with Durable, Sustainable, Natural Products

Bamboo Blinds

If you have an existing deck and are looking for a very easy way to provide some privacy screening, then the bamboo slat blinds (stitched with synthetic twine) are made for outdoors and depending on where you want to put them, you can probably install them yourself.

deck roof options

Decorative Screens

The decorative screens from Bamboo House really create a statement and there are several different types to choose from including corten steel, mild steel, timber and powder coated aluminum. They are available in different sizes.  The one below really blends with the timber decking and the existing trees.

decorateive screens bamboo house


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