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Deck out your home for that special event…

Happy New Year 2019!

With a new year comes new ideas, new resolutions and new plans.  Hopefully, these new ideas, resolutions and plans give cause for celebrating…..So, why not celebrate these events at home?  Not a new idea but it could be a good one…

The trend for hosting special events in your back yard, or on your deck 🙂 continues to grow.  It can be beautifully intimate, tailored to your tastes and it can SAVE YOU MONEY.

Get Married on your Deck!

Recently, we had some young clients who opted to put the money they saved on hiring a wedding planner, venue and transport, towards building a deck on their first home. They had a gorgeous boutique style wedding and added value to their most important financial investment. Their home.

As an experienced and client focused Brisbane deck builder, we have great respect for project completion deadlines, especially where an upcoming special event is approaching.

Canstar states that a survey by Bride to Be Magazine in 2017, showed that the average Aussie spends up to $65,000 on their wedding! Why not host it at home and save some coin? In fact, no need to stop at weddings. Baby showers, hen parties, Christenings, anniversary shindigs, twenty-first birthday parties….. Do any and all of them at home. (on the deck, of course..) You can pull it off with help from family and friends.

decorating your deck

Photo by Ben Rossett on Unsplash

Planning Deck Decorating

So, get researching and start planning. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  •  What is your budget?
  • What food and beverages will you serve and how and where will they be stationed?
  • What seating will you provide?
  • Will you decorate and how?
  • Will you need a photographer, a celebrant, and MC, entertainment, flowers?
  • How many people can I comfortably and safely host?
  • If you have an existing deck, how recently was it built? Does it need to be checked by a professional for safety or be repaired?
  • Are you in the market to build a new deck or outdoor room? If so, use a licensed and experienced deck builder. Make sure they have lots of strong references or reviews on a social media platform such as Google or Houzz Australia. Happy customers mean good quality craftsmanship and reasonable pricing.
  • Can you ask family or friends to forget a gift and instead join your clean-up crew?

Check out our Pinterest board on this subject. It’s full of fabulous home entertainment ideas.

All We Do Is Decks – Brisbane Deck Builders

And, should you be in the market for a new deck in 2019 check out our reviews and galleries on Google and Houzz Australia and get in contact.

All the best. We hope it’s a cracker!

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