How to Choose the Best Deck Builder in Brisbane

What Makes a Good Deck Builder?

A well designed and well constructed deck not only provides you with greater outdoor living, but it also adds to the resale value of your home.

A badly designed and poorly constructed deck on the other hand can end up costing you additional money beyond the original build.

When choosing a deck builder it is always tempting to hire the builder that provides you with the lowest cost to do the job. However the best deck builder may not be the cheapest nor should you have to spend significantly more to obtain a quality, well designed and constructed deck. When comparing quotes from different deck builders you need to not only compare the labour rate but more importantly the materials that they intend to use.

The best deck builder is likely to be the one that uses the right quality materials and also charges a reasonable rate.

We have listed below some of the most important things for you to look for when trying to decide which the best deck builder in Brisbane is.

best deck builder in brisbane

The Basics you Should know about when Choosing the Best Deck Builder in Brisbane

Your chosen deck builder needs to be licensed and fully insured. Having a licence means that you deck builder has passed the standards of workmanship and provides you with some confidence in their capabilities.

Without insurance, should there be an accident due to the construction of your new deck, you might find yourself liable for compensation payouts.

The Obvious – Help for you to Choose the Best Deck Builder in Brisbane

A good method used by many people when looking for the best deck builder in Brisbane is to read the reviews that people have written about the deck building business that they employed. You will most often find reviews on deck builders’ websites. There are also other websites that you may find reviews on such as True Local, Google+, WOMO and Facebook pages.

An even better way to find a good deck builder is to ask family and friends if they can recommend someone.

Always ask to see the deck builder’s portfolio of decks that he has designed and built in the past. Again you should be able to find this information on their website.

You could also ask for the addresses of any customers the builder has constructed a deck for and do a drive by to see is you like the type of work that he/they do.

If possible you should actually inspect a deck that the builder has erected. You should look at the quality of the work, the functionality and the attractiveness of the deck. You should also be on the lookout for any potential problems in both the design and the carpentry. Look out for warping boards, loose balustrades, does the deck blend in with the house and garden etc.

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The Not So Obvious when Choosing the Best Deck Builder in Brisbane

Whilst this should be obvious many people do not think to ‘interview’ prospective deck builders. Some people are shy and others think it is rude to question a professional deck builder about his qualifications and experience. However a good deck builder will be more than happy to answer your question and would most probably like to give you the information without even being questioned.

You can see what type of questions you need to ask and further information on choosing the best deck builder in Brisbane here.

Choosing Brisbane’s Best Deck Builder

If your hard work pays off and you engage a professional, experienced deck builder you should end up with a beautiful deck that is built from high quality yet affordable materials and at a competitive rate. Your deck builder should install your deck safely, efficiently and correctly.

With a wonderful well built and designed deck your family should be able to take advantage of Brisbane’s subtropical climate and enjoy more outdoor living and dining.

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best deck builder in brisbane
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