Maintaining Timber Decks

COVID-19 has dictated that many of us will be spending A LOT of time at home over the coming weeks or possibly months. Using our time constructively, no pun intended, could be the best way forward! Spending some time on home maintenance by maintaining timber decks will not only make you and many others feel productive but will preserve the value of your most important financial asset, your home.

Why not start with the timber deck? Clear off the bbq, the furniture, the plants and the rest. If it’s too heavy to move, Throw a tarp on the furniture and then sweep the deck thoroughly. Organic debris, when left too long, becomes acidic as it breaks down and can cause damage to your beautiful decking boards.

Maintaining Timber Decks – Cleaning

Next comes the cleaning of your timber deck. So, the good old bristle brush and elbow grease or a pressure washer? If you have the energy to burn, go for the old fashioned brush and muscles approach as it’s more gentle and usually produces a nicer clean.

Bunnings has a big range of cleaning agents just right for this job but as the runoff will probably end up in your garden, we suggest opting for something non-toxic and environmentally friendly. You can, of course, use some gentle cleaner that you may have at home instead. Don’t forget to clean the balustrades and any stairs or steps.

Next give your deck it a thorough rinse off. Just the garden hose will do to get rid of all cleaning agent and dirt. Do this straight away. If you have a power washer and are experienced in its use, then power on! Just please, please, please get the setting right to avoid damage to the decking boards.

Let the timber deck dry completely before moving your gear back on or performing any further maintenance like oiling or staining.

protecting a timber deck by oiling or staining all we do is decks

Maintaining Timber Decks – Oiling or Staining?

This depends on what you are trying to achieve. Consider the following:

Oiling your deck will enhance the current colour of the boards while staining will produce a different and new look. Oiling your deck will protect it from UV rays which can crack and shrink the timber. Decking oils come in water-based or non-water based forms. Water-based oils sit on top of the wood, usually last longer than non-water based oils and will have less impact on the current colour. Non-water based oils penetrate the wood, offering extra protection from water damage. They take longer to dry and will usually give the timber a slightly darker finished look.

Staining your deck will change the colour of the wood and increase it’s resistance to UV rays. You could completely transform the aesthetics of your outdoor space! There are many brands of stain on the market. Do your research or take advice from an experienced hardware assistant on this one, and follow the directions to the letter.

So, Brisbanites get to work maintaining timber decks and hopefully for a while you will forget about the Coronavirus. Plus, it will improve the look of your home and protect the huge financial investment, that is your home.

Stay safe dear Brisbanites! From the team at All We Do Is Decks.

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