Four Solid Reasons To Add a Deck

Why Add a Deck to Your Home?

As deck builders, we naturally have a vested interest in providing good reasons for you to add a deck to your home! Vested interest aside, we have many clients telling us that they wished that they had taken the step to add a deck many years before – the reasons why they and we suggest you adding a deck to your home are provided below.

Adds Value to Your Property

Built properly, a deck will add financial value to your home. For many of us, our home is our primary or only financial investment set to increase in value.

This makes deciding how to renovate or add to it reasonably important. The ultimate goal will, of course, be to create a terrific place to live your life while increasing the value of the property. Choosing an experienced, quality-driven and qualified builder like All We Do Is Decks will ensure you get maximum value from your hard-earned dollar in terms of design and craftsmanship.

We absolutely strive to make the process as stress-free as possible and will take care of everything from design and drafting, planning, council approvals, builders insurance and of course, construction.

2 Increases Your Living Area

Adding a high-quality built deck will immediately give your family more room to spread out. Many of our clients use their decks as extra rooms by enclosing them with shutters, walls, outdoor blinds, screening or greenery. Outdoor furniture is continually improving in quality and design making it easier to design a welcoming and functional outdoor living space.

Social media is brimming with inspiring outdoor living images to give you plenty of inspiration. Why not start by having a look at our outdoor furniture and accessories our Pinterest board.

3 Adds Aesthetic Appeal to Your Property

For most of us, aesthetics play a very important role in the creation of a happy, harmonious home. If a space is inviting and appealing to your eye you will be more likely to use it frequently. To design a successful outdoor living area you need to consider how you want the space to be used. For example, will you BBQ, will your children play there, will pets use the area? Considering the shape, scale, balance, flow and colour scheme will prove important throughout the design process.

At All We Do Is Decks we are always keen to be involved in this process as there are often issues pertaining to construction and the building code which need to be considered. Check out our website gallery or our google business account for inspiration.

4 Increases The Outdoor Time of Your Family

Connecting your home to your yard can increase the amount of time you and your family spend outdoors. Being outdoors has mental and physical health benefits for everybody. Making sure that the flow from indoors to outdoors is successful will be crucial here. Choice of doors and windows, stairs and thoroughfares must be considered carefully.

With Spring just around the corner, now is a great time to think about how to increase the use of your outdoor areas. Get in touch. We are always delighted to help people increase the value and liveability or their homes.

All the very best, from the team at All We Do Is Decks.

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