Before and After New Deck in Brighton, Brisbane

New Deck in Brighton

We’ve had the privilege of building more than a few decks in Brisbane’s beautiful Brighton. This is one of our favourites. Together with our lovely clients, we designed this fantastic transformation of their home, by simply adding a new deck.

Before and After Images

This first image is the Brighton home without the deck and before we started our magic.

 deck in brighton All We Do Is Decks 2

The photo below shows the complete transformation of this Brisbane home with the new deck and shutters, not only adding living space but also street appeal and boosting the value of the home.

after deck in brighton All We Do Is Decks 6

The All We Do Is Decks Process


During our consultation, we worked together with our clients to clarify their needs and wants for their new deck. The brief for the job emerged from our conversations and was the following:

  • A large deck with privacy from the road and kerb appeal to fit with their own and neighbouring homes. They envisaged the space as an outdoor room with a secure feel.
  • The clients needed to be able to park two cars easily underneath and have convenient access to the front door from their parked cars.
  • The family also had a much loved dog which we would need to keep within the yard. (As dog owners ourselves, we know how important it is to keep pets safe during construction time).

Design and Approvals

We then finalised the design for the new deck and moved forward on drafting and council approvals. We take care of all of these factors to ensure a streamlined and effective process from start to finish for all jobs.

Specific Design Factors For The New Deck

In designing and building this new deck the following specific factors were taken into account and provided for:

  • To achieve the parking requirements on this job we used a large steel beam to span the carport opening.
  • The stairs were oriented appropriately so that our clients were able to walk straight from their cars, up the stairs and into their home.
  • We installed an attractive set of outdoor doors at the top of the staircase to add security to the outdoor living space, allowing the homeowners to feel comfortable leaving their front and bifold doors open anytime they wanted.
  • Modern white, louvred shutters were installed all the way around the deck for privacy from the road and neighbours. They are a wonderfully versatile choice for screening as they can be completely closed to shield from rain or harsh weather, or opened to allow the breeze and valuable cross ventilation on the hot sticky days of summer. The blades can be manoeuvred to allow a lot of opening or a little depending on your whim.

The image below shows the new deck internally, the wonderful living space for the owners and how the shutters allow filtered light and breezes as well as keeping the deck furniture safe from the weather.

New Deck Brighton Deck All We Do is Decks

It was a pleasure to work with these clients and we are very proud of the outdoor living space we created for them. No doubt they are enjoying it right now. Get in touch with us at All We Do Is Decks for a free no obligation consultation for your dream deck soon….

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