Do I need Council Approval for a Deck in Brisbane?

There is actually two parts to this question, do I need planning approval for a deck and do I need building approval for a deck in Brisbane.

Planning approval and building approval are two separate regulations.

Please note all information provided in this article is accurate at the time of writing, October 2016.  The regulations can change at any time, thus whilst we provide information below we strongly suggest that you use the links and contact number to ensure that there has been no changes since the time of writing this article.  Alternatively you can call us (All We Do Is Decks 0412 896 744) or a Brisbane City Town Planner (3403 8888) o ensure you make your decisions on the most current regulations.

Do I need Planning Approval from Council to Build a Deck?

The answer to the first question is that more than likely you won’t need planning approval from Brisbane City Council in order to build a deck.  However before you get your hammer and nails out you do need to see (below in this article) the answer to the question, do I need building approval from Council for a deck?

In terms of where or not you need planning approval for a new deck, it depends what zone your property is within and your lot size.  Generally however, as long as your property is not in the Character Residential zone (demolition or design), you will most likely not need Council planning approval.

The information in relation to this question is provided on the Brisbane City Council website.   The website also provides a link on PD Online which provides you with information regarding your particular residential land including the zoning, lot size and overlays relating to flooding and so on.  You need to choose New Property Enquiry and then type in your address.  If all this is too hard, you can phone a Brisbane City Council Town Planner on 3403 8888.

Do I need Building Approval from Council to Build a Deck?

As said building approval is different to planning approval.  You may not need building approval if you deck falls under the classifications for a self-assessable building structure.

However if it does not fall under these classification you will need an accredited private building certifier.  (We can advise on this).

Classifications for Self Assessable Decks

So what are the classifications that are deemed to be self-assessable and therefore will not require building approval?

You can find information on the Queensland Government website in relation to this.

Generally, minor building work may be deemed to be self-assessable and therefore will not require building approval and this is set out in the Queensland Government Building Regulation 2006.  This information below is taken straight from this source.

A deck would be considered a Class 10 (a non-habitable building or structure) and building work is self-assessable if it meets the following criteria:

  • the area is no more than 10m2;
  • has a height of no more than 2.4m,
  • has a mean height of no more than 2.1m which is calculated by dividing the total elevational area facing the boundary by its horizontal length facing the boundary,
  • any side is no longer than 5m.

Looking for a Brisbane Deck Builder?

If you plan to add a deck to your Brisbane home and you do not intend to build it yourself, please contact us at All We Do Is Decks ( 0412 896 744) and we will be able to provide you with a quote as well as deal with all the Council and Code regulation relating to your new deck.

We are deck specialists and can design and build a deck to your preference that both complements your home and meets your budget.

Council Approval for a Deck

In relation to Council regulations, we understand that this can be quite confusing if you are not familiar with the building industry.  We are more than happy to answer your questions if you are unsure of whether you will require planning or building approval.  Also, please note that we include obtaining Council approval in our quoted prices.

council approval for a deck

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