Advantages and Disadvantage of Glass Balustrades for Decks

Having a clear view across your deck is the most common reason for selecting glass balustrades for a deck.  There are however other advantages and disadvantages in using glass balustrades for decks.  Below we have firstly listed the disadvantages (just for a change) and then the advantages.

Disadvantages of Glass Balustrades for Decks

As Brisbane deck builders we keep up-to-date with trends in deck design and we have installed many glass balustrades for our deck customers.  No matter what deck design you choose we always take the time to discuss with you both the advantages and disadvantages and the full range of choices that are available to you.

In terms of glass balustrades there are in fact some disadvantages to using this material for our deck railings.

Firstly unlike spindle designed balustrades glass when glass is used as your protective barrier for your deck does not allow anywhere near the airflow.  This means that you will lose out on a lot of the cooling breezes across your deck.  On the other hand however, glass balustrades will protect you a lot more if there are strong winds as they function as a wind break.  This is good too if the strong wind is bringing rain with it as well.  Having glass balustrades in these conditions will provide better protection for any deck furniture that you may have.

A second disadvantage of glass balustrades is that they can in fact create a green house effect.  If your deck faces west in particular the strong sun can create a very warn and unpleasant deck.

Finally with glass balustrades you do need to regularly clean then if you want to obtain the best of your view.  If you have children or pets this can be a very frequent chore that has to be undertaken.

Advantages of Glass Balustrades for Decks

Given the disadvantages of using glass balustrades for decks are they in fact a good idea?  Do the advantages of glass railings outweigh the disadvantages?  For many they do and in fact there are some really good reasons for selecting glass for your railings.

The first reason is as outlined at the beginning of the article.  Glass balustrades allow a clear uninterrupted view from your deck.  Assuming you keep them clean.  If you have purchased a home with a lovely view (probably at a substantial price) then you want to maximise the view and glass balustrades are best for this.

Tough glass balustrades are safe – and in fact can be safer than wood or metal balustrades.  This is not known by many and it is another very important advantage that glass balustrades have over other products.  Glass will only break or become damaged under really severe conditions and obviously are not susceptible to rot such as timber ones are.  Also due to regulations your glass balustrades will be safety glass and when damaged the shards will not be dangerous as they are not sharp.

Glass balustrades when compared to other form of railings have some advantages in terms of maintenance.  Cleaning the front side of the glass balustrades is in fact quite easy.  Depending on the height of your deck the outer facing side of the balustrades may also be fairly easy.  You can also use a high pressure cleaner (set to a reasonable strength only) and whilst a messy job can very effectively make your class clear and sparkling.  Wooden railings on the other hand require regular oiling or painting.  Painting timber railings is a time consuming and can be expressive if you don’t do it yourself.  Oiling is an easier task but has to be done every couple of years at least.

Glass balustrades are also eco-friendly as the material (glass) can be recycled pretty easily.  They are also eco-friendly (in comparison to metal railings) as they do not release harmful materials or substances as they do not corrode.  This is assuming that the glass balustrades (and they usually are) posts and fittings are comprised of powder coated aluminium or stainless steel.

Finally glass balustrades look fantastic when used in modern homes, and can also blend in with older styled homes as well.

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Advantages and Disadvantage of Glass Balustrades for Decks

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