Caring For a Deck in Queensland

How to Care for your Deck

The harsh elements in Queensland – heavy rain, strong sun and humidity can really destroy a deck if you don’t look after it.  It will take some years (especially if you use hardwood) but totally neglecting your deck is really not a good idea.  This article provides you with advice on caring for a deck to give it longevity and maintain it’s aesthetic appearance.

Use and Maintain a Protective Surface

There are two things that are most important in caring for a deck in Queensland.  The first is to regularly maintain the protective surface that you put on your deck whether it be oil, varnish or paint.  If this is not done regularly your boards will dry out, crack and splinter and/or start to rot depending on where your deck is located.

Add a Deck Roof

The second most important factor in caring for a deck in Queensland is to have a roof over your deck.  A covered deck will last much longer than one that is open to the elements.  You will also have to do less maintenance if you have a deck roof.  Also you may get a lot more use out of a covered deck as it will be shaded and much cooler as well.

Keep your Deck Clean

The longer you leave marks on your deck the harder they will be to remove.  There are many ways that your deck can be marked including dirty feet or shoes, dirty pet paws, food and liquid spills and wet organic matter such as leaves.

Caring for a deck should include regular cleaning.  This involves firstly regular sweeping or vacuuming with a soft brush/attachment and regular mopping.  However do not use general household cleaners, a pH neutral floor cleaner is best – and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.  Take care to ensure that your decking boards do not become slippery as a result of the cleaning process as this presents obvious dangers.  Please do not use methylated spirts and kerosene  on your decking boards.

Prevent Scratches

There are several ways that decking timber can be scratched.  One of the most common is to have furniture that is dragged across the deck.  The solution is quite simple – always attach the small carpet squares like you are most likely using on your indoor furniture if you have wooden floor.  You can buy a variety of different carpet squares (or circles) at Bunnings or on the net if that is the way that you prefer to shop.

Another way that timber decking boards are scratched is from pets.  If your dog has long nails these can scratch your deck, particularly if your pet plays on the deck.  A regular visit to your local vet to keep his/her claws clipped and trimed will solve this problem.  If you regularly walk your dog you may find that this is not an issue as their claws are blunted through the regular walking on hard surfaces.

High heels can cause dents in your timber depending upon what decking boards you have.  Ideally if you have a softwood deck you shouldn’t allow high heels to be worn on the deck.  Otherwise well situated rugs can alleviate this problem.

Pot Plant Problems

A deck with well established plants in pots is always more attractive however pots can severely damage your deck.  Caring for a deck with pot plants includes having a tray underneath each pot and also under the tray having a stand.  If you have just the tray and no stand there will be no airflow and a tray filled with water will mark your deck.  If you don’t use a tray at all then more than likely you will have dirty water flowing out the bottom of your pot onto your deck.

It is a good idea to use pot plant stands that are on wheels, particularly if you have large heavy pots with big plants in them.  Having them on wheels makes it so much easier to move them around – for a change or to protect them from the summer UV rays.

Caring for a Deck From All We Do Is Decks

This article on caring for a deck in Queensland was written by All We Do Is Decks.  We are Brisbane deck builders who pride ourselves in our work.  If you are planning a new deck or need substantial repairs to an existing deck please feel free to  contact us for an obligation free quote.

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