Floating Decks

A floating deck is not only a really attractive addition to a home, but it is also usually very affordable and quick to construct.

What Are Floating Decks?

There is no formal definition for a floating deck, however generally a floating deck appears to be raised just slightly above the ground level with the actual construction hidden under the deck to create this ‘floating’ appearance.  You can find some images of floating decks on our Pinterest Page – All We Do Is Decks, deck builders in Brisbane.

Types and Uses of Floating Decks

Most floating decks are not attached to a home but are built separate to the house, examples include:-

  • A reading nook with a floating deck built in the corner of a garden under a shady tree.
  • A wedding deck in the centre of the garden or towards one side including possibly billowing white curtains.
  • A parent seating area for watching the children next to a sandpit or play area.
  • A dramatic feature floating deck which includes building the deck around existing trees with the trunks growing through the floating deck.
  • An Asian feature deck (could be Chinese, Balinese, Japanese etc) with an Asian styled roof and built in seating, and surrounded by a garden designed to the type of Asian style you are featuring.
  • A magical fairy garden for children (and adults) with a floating deck built under a large tree decorated with twinkling lights.  Lights can also be included on the sides or top or both of your floating deck.
  • A picnic deck for those who do not have anywhere  for an outdoor bbq.  The floating deck even though a simple construction can effectively create  an outdoor eating and entertaining area.

How to Build a Floating Deck

There are many different ways that  floating decks can be built and you will find lots of examples on the net.  The difference between a floating deck and a standard deck that might be built in a garden is that the deck supports are hidden under the deck with the side timber boards elevated just slightly above ground level yet at the same time covering the deck supports.  Unless you get down on the ground and peak underneath!

As Brisbane Deck Builders we have our own methods of building floating decks  dependent upon the size of the deck you are seeking, how flat your site is, the type of timber or composite wood and finally your budget.  We will always advise you based on achieving your ideas and desires and aim to add to them rather than limit what you set out to achieve.

Some examples of ways (not necessarily those of All We Do Is Decks) to construct floating decks are listed below.

Some floating decks are built using pre-manufactured concrete footings or deck blocks.  The deck blocks obviously have to be placed slightly inwards from the edges of the deck so that they can be effectively hidden by the side panels.  Obviously too the footings will be needed all the way across the span of the deck.

Another method of building floating decks is very similar to that of building a traditional deck just a few extra steps to create the floating impression.

Online forums such as Pinterest, Google Plus, Houzz Australia and Instagram will also have plenty of ideas to offer on the subject.

All We Do Is Decks

If you are considering adding a floating deck to your Brisbane garden, please do contact us as we would love to take your ideas and turn them into reality.

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