Unique Patios and Outdoor Rooms

Unusual Patios and Outdoor Areas

As specialist Brisbane patio and deck builders we always keep an eye open for new and different ideas in the hope that one day we may have a client who is seeking that something special, with the ‘wow’ factor times 10!  In this instance we have provided below what we believe to be unique patios and outdoor rooms that are lovely to look at and exceptionally good use of space.

patios brisbane and outdoor rooms

This amazing patio / deck / outdoor room was designed by Dig Design and together with the amazing landscaped garden is simply fantastic.  The addition of lighting and what looks like heating makes it usable almost all year round.

You could grab a couple of cushions and a good book and admire the contrasting green grass with the slate (?) paving in a cool and beautiful spot.  There is no need to leave home!

The timber used is spotted gum and the contrasting hues of blends beautifully with the outdoor and indoor areas.  Spotted gum is a hardwood that has the advantage of being easier to work with than many other hardwoods, making it perfect for this type of patio design.

Another major advantage in choosing spotted gum is that it is naturally UV resistant so with regular upkeep will keep it’s beautiful hazel to deep reddish brown colour variations.  Photo by Rachel Lewis.

patio privacy and deck seating luigi rosselli architects

This cute and different patio nook has a great blend of different materials including timber in its natural colour as well as whitewashed timber and what appears to be stone or granate around the seating and bbq.  Luigi Rosselli Architects designed this outdoor living area to flowfrom the internal living room and creates an enticing outlook.

Having a limited outdoor area a retractable blind provides a cool spot in summer (both in and outside the house) and a warm patio area capturing all the winter sun.

The vertical timber boards disguise the neighbours brick wall and provide an extra level of privacy when relaxing or entertaining on the patio.

Photo by Justin Alexander

patio - outdoor roomsThis delightful outdoor room also has a patio area allowing the area to be used as two different areas or the one when a larger group is being entertained.  Designed by Australian Architects, Auhaus Architecture the outdoor room can be completely sealed off allowing one to enjoy the watching the rain or hiding from the sun.

The patio or deck area has been built using hardwood for the extra durability it provides. The cladding on the outdoor room is copper cladding and the colour blendsbeautifully with the home and natural colours of the patio and vegetation.

I don’t doubt that many of us would be more than happy to have this beautiful yet very functional addition to our front or back garden.

Photo by Trevor Mein

court yard patio

Harrison Landscaping were responsible for this unique patio idea which won a Goldmedal in the 2014 Australian Garden Show. The design as planned has many different uses including a patio or courtyard or even a rooftop outdoor room.

What is striking about the design is the blend of the natural timber with a modern geometric design on the wall.  The use of the grey cement rendered garden bed and furniture serves to link the one with the other.

This would also be a very low maintenance area with the greenery cleverly placed under the garden bed utilising every single inch of space.  All in all this is a captivating spot, yet as planned highly functional.  In terms of cost for the patio timber construction it would also have been very affordable.

patios and outdoor rooms brisbane

I love this design by Angus Mackenzie Architects.  It is a really clever way of combining several uses all in one small area.

The area works as a servery off the dining room for children with the small bar chairs at a low height, perfect for keeping the spillage and mess outside at mealtimes with toddlers!

The area also functions as a reading corner as well as a spot to keep an eye on the children playing in the garden.  Finally it also works s agreat window letting in the breeze and views.  I like in particular the blend with traditional brick and timber.  There is no over the top design in this highly functional and clever use of space.  Rather it blends so well it looks like it has always been there and is integral to the home.

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