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Deck Privacy Ideas from a Professional Brisbane Deck Builder

The purpose of a deck is to be able to enjoy dining, entertaining and relaxing on our door decks.  However if a deck is overlooked by neighbours – or a lot of neighbours if you are next to a unit block, this enjoyment can be reduced an awful lot.  For some not having deck privacy means not having a deck at all… If you value your outdoor deck and wish to obtain a greater level of privacy we have provided for you below a number of deck privacy ideas.

Plants as Ideas for Privacy on Deck
deck privacy ideas

There are two ways (you can do both) that one can obtain deck privacy by using plants.  The obvious is to add some tall pot plants to shield off the areas that you are overlooked.  The other obvious way is to plant in the garden at the front or sides of your deck where you are overlooked by neighbours – or have an unsightly view!

The disadvantage of planting in the garden is that if you have a high deck it can take years before you have the green deck privacy screen that this will provide.  Obviously some plants grow quicker than others and clumping bamboo is a popular vertical green hedge, but please if you are considering clumping bamboo make sure that you purchase one that is going to only grow to the height you need and that sheds the least of all the varieties.  There are many other alternatives to bamboo and your local nursery should be able to advise.

Using pot plants on the deck as a deck privacy idea does have the downside that unless you are careful you can damage your decking timber with stains and marks.  Pot plants need to be elevated off the timber and when watering it is very important not to overwater.  This can be quite a challenge.

Actually there are three deck privacy ideas that include plants… Artificial plants are making a big comeback at the moment and some are so realistic that one has to actually touch and feel the plant to determine whether or not it is real.  If you are happy to use artificial plants and have a fairly deep purse then this provides a really good option for you to create privacy on your deck.

Outdoor Deck Privacy Ideas that include Screens

Manufacturers of screens of various types have been coming up with more and more deck privacy ideas with creative screens that range from the traditional to the modern.

A personal favourite of many is still shutters as they epitomise the sunny Brisbane lifestyle and plantation holiday feel.  One of the best deck privacy ideas in relation to shutters is to have bi-fold shutters which can be closed and latched in poor weather and opened and tilted according to the breeze and orientation of the sun.  This suggested deck privacy idea is not going to be cheap, but worth every cent as it solves both so many practical problems (including deck privacy) and also creates a fantastic atmosphere.

There are many other deck privacy ideas that include shutters, but more modern options that can be attached to the outside of your deck and slide across to provide shade and privacy at different times of the day.

The traditional lattice (many options available from Bunnings) is probably the most cost-effective method of obtaining a level of deck privacy but still obtaining some light and airflow.

Privacy Deck Designs

Having your deck designed for privacy is often the best way to make sure that you have the ideal deck which allows you to enjoy your indoor outdoor living to the maximum.  A good deck builder in Brisbane (such as All We Do Is Decks) is experienced in designing decks to obtain the maximum privacy and view and to take into account the heat of our summers and our lovely winter sun.  If you would like an amazing deck designed specifically to your needs, utilising creative deck privacy ideas and for a very reasonable market rate please call us at All We Do Is Decks on 0412 896 744.  outdoor deck ideas


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