Deck Roof Ideas

Different Deck Roof Ideas For You

While you might already know what kind of deck you would like it can sometimes be more difficult deciding what kind of deck roof you require to cover your deck.  We have provided many different deck roof ideas for you as there are a number of different deck cover designs available.  These include a range of roofing styles and numerous roofing products each with their own unique characteristics and advantages.

This article not only provides you with deck roof ideas but also showcases photos of completed decks by All We Do Is Decks in the various styles and roofing materials.

Deck Roofing Materials

Prefabricated insulated roofing panels are often chosen as a roofing material, with Cooldek being very popular.

Cooldek by Stratco is a terrific product which provides a roof, insulation and a ceiling-like finish in the one product.  Cooldek helps keep your deck cool and comfortable on hot days and its in-built insulation also reduces noise from heavy rain.  Of course you can choose another manufacturer such as Bondor or Solarspan.

The following two deck coverings feature Cookdek roofing revealing the underside of the product and its smooth ceiling-like finish.

deck roof ideas

deck roof idea


Other roofing options include tin, corrugated polycarbonate, marine ply with insulation and gyprock/fibre cement finish.  Tin is available in bumpy tin or trim deck style, as shown in the picture below.

corrugated deck roof ideas

The following deck roof is made from gyprock in a bespoke design.  The exposed ironbark rafters add a stylish finish.

deck coverings

Deck Roof Design Ideas

Your deck can be connected and integrated with your home in several ways, including the following:

Skillion roof attached to the house;

Skillion roof flying over the existing roof; and

Gable end roof connecting to the house.

Skillion roofs have one single flat surface offering a streamlined and minimalistic look.  The following picture shows an example of a skillion roof connecting with the house.

deck roof design ideas

Alternatively, you could choose a skillion fly over roof which adds greater height and dimension to your deck.  This style provides an interesting and often impressive feature to your deck.outdoor deck roof ideas

A gabled roof is another attractive deck cover style distinguishable by its triangular shape.  This deck roof allows for the greatest interior space.  Although widely used in regions with heavy snowfalls (to allow the snow to slide off easier), the style is still widely used in Australia.

colourbond deck roofing

As you can see there are a range of different deck cover ideas, styles and products available to tailor a deck to meet your specific tastes and requirements.

More Deck Roof Ideas

If you would like to discuss further which deck roof would suit your needs please feel free to give All We Do Is Decks a call on 0412 896 744.

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