Deck Screening Ideas

If you are looking for deck screen ideas, now is a good time as there is now a huge variety of wonderful products now on the market that you can use for screening your deck. Not only are there great products available but there are also many great deck screening ideas now including using traditional timber (but in many different ways) to screen your deck.

The main reasons people seek to screen their decks are:-

  • For privacy
  • To provide shade
  • To keep out mosquito and other insects
  • To provide protection from wind
  • To keep out the rain
  • To create an outdoor room that can be used all year round

In this article we are going to look at desk screening ideas for privacy, however many of these screening ideas will also cover the other reasons that people seek to screen their decks…

Deck Screening Ideas for Privacy

Deck screens now come in a variety of different materials including traditional timber as well as bamboo, plastic and wrought iron.

Please note that some of the deck screening ideas are cladding products and will need to be installed on a frame that is extremely secure, safe for people particularly little ones, safe in high winds and conforms to any council requirements for such a structure. You are best of calling a deck builder such as Dale from All We Do Is Decks in Brisbane for advice when selecting and needing a screen for your deck. Dale will be able to advise you regarding any Council requirements, the durability of the product that you have selected and the best means of building or installing your deck screen. He will probably also have some great deck screening ideas to share with you…

Timber Deck Screening Ideas for Privacy

deck screening ideas timber

A timber deck screen does not have to be boring, in fact timber is a great material for creating a variety of different deck screens.

The deck screening idea to the left is unusual and attractive and something that you or your deck builder can use a bit of creativity to design.

If you want to do sometime completely different (and of course more expensive) the timber pivoting windows are a real statement. This could be done on a smaller scale if you deck is not very large. This highly unusual deck screening idea is worth ten out of ten in terms of both functionality as well as the ‘wow’ factor.

Bamboo Deck Screening Ideas

bamboo deck screening ideas black bambooThere are now some wonderful bamboo screens for decks.  The House of Bamboo has some great products available like the black bamboo poles below. You will need a frame to attach this screen too and if you like the look of this it is highly suggested that you engage an experienced deck builder to install it so as to ensure it is 100% safe.

Below is different product from the House of Bamboo and is a reed cladding product that can be used externally. As for the bamboo poles you will need a very sturdy and secure frame to attach this to, which is best done by a certified builder.


outdoor deck screening ideasAluminium, Copper and Steel Decks Screening Ideas

A deck screen can be created using aluminium, copper or steel screen which are available in plant nurseries, from the manufacturers direct or from Bunnings has a few of these available as well.

These screens create a completely different look to timber screening but complement a timber deck extremely well when mounted in a timber border.



decks screen ideas plastic screen

Recycled Plastic Screens

Recycled plastic screen, mounted on a sturdy timber support create a similar look to the steel and copper screening ideas above. These too can be purchased from Bunnings; please do not try to use these products on a raised deck unless you are simply attaching them to an existing strong timber screen.

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