Decking out your Deck at Christmas

How to Deck Out your Deck at Christmas

Here in Australia our decks provide an extension to our living area and, as long as it is not too hot many of us enjoy Christmas lunch out on the deck.  So, this year why not considering decking out your deck at Christmas?  We have provided lots of effective and affordable ideas for a truly festive Christmas deck in the article below.

Christmas Deck Lights

Lights are probably the most important elements in decking out your deck at Christmas.  If you don’t have external power points this is no longer a problem.  If you pop down to your local Bunnings store you will find a wide selection of solar powered Christmas lights with which to deck out your deck.  Lights can be twined around your railings and banisters and can twinkle all night long…

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Christmas Table Cloth

For a minimal cost and maximum effect choose a brightly coloured tablecloth such as the one below on sale now at Spotlight Stores.  On Christmas day itself you can add some serviettes to make the table more festive.  We personally use paper serviettes as it seems a waste to have a set of cloth serviettes just for Christmas.  Red, gold or silver serviettes tucked into wine glasses creates a great look.

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Christmas Tree

Why not have a Christmas tree decked out on your deck?  Due to wind and rain you probably need to ensure that your Christmas tree is at least partly sheltered and very secure.  If this seems like a little bit too much trouble and you don’t have a safe spot on your deck, why not create an illusion of plenty with brightly coloured large Christmas presents piled up on the deck.  These can be empty boxes wrapped in $2 Christmas wrap.  It might be a little bit of an effort but it should look great.

Brightly Coloured Cushions

Do you have some red, green, gold or silver cushions that you can use on your deck furniture?  If not, you could buy a few metres of Christmas material from ebay or possibly Spotlight and just throw over your existing lounge deck cushions…  What is great about Christmas is that the colours are so bright and cheerful you really don’t need any decorating experience to create a really christmassy Christmas deck!

Christmas Inflatables

If you have enough room a large inflatable Christmas decoration such as the snowman below adds punch and fun to decking out your deck at Christmas.  christmas deck inflatables 

Christmas Bows or Christmas Wreaths

Large Christmas bow are also a fabulous way to get the Christmas spirit going, but don’t use paper ones as if it rains the colouring could stain the paintwork on your deck.  If not Christmas bows, Christmas wreaths hung from you deck can look stunning as well. 

Creative Christmas Deck Decorations

There are also lots of really great decorations that you and your children can make and use for decking out your deck at Christmas, and keep for the years to come as well.  if you have a source of pine cones for example, these can be spray painted and string on a string as a lovely home-made decoration.  This simply and easy to make Christmas sign is also a great way to deck out your deck at Christmas.

christmas deck decorations

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