Top Tips for Great Patio Designs

Patio Ideas and Patio Designs

Are you looking for patio design ideas?  All We Do Is Decks are deck and patio building specialists in Brisbane.  We have put together for you the top tips for great patio designs based on our extensive experience in designing and building patios in Brisbane.

Patio Designs should Compliment your House

The top patio designs are those that complement and enhance your home.  This may seem obvious however sometimes budget restraints or just plain poor design can result in a poor investment in your home.  A patio or deck properly designed and constructed can add a significant amount to the resale of your home.

A patio design that complements your home does not have to be expensive.  It can sometimes take a little bit of thinking outside the box.  If your home has a pitched roof for example and your budget does not extend to a pitched patio roof, there are still some stunning patio designs that are affordable, and whilst possibly different can still complement and enhance your home.

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Patio Designs should also Compliment your Garden

If you have a traditional cottage garden then you are probably going to want a patio that is designed to enhance your garden.  This can be easily achieved through ensuring that selectively planted vines have the structure to climb up on.

Including potted plants on your patio help blend the patio into your garden and is a very cheap, yet wonderful additional to your outside living space.

Bifold Doors and Windows

A patio unlike a gazebo is an extension of your home.  To further facilitate the use of your patio you may want to consider bifold door or bifold windows or even a kitchen servery.  To make the most of your patio you need to be able to access it easily and there is nothing more enticing that bifold doors that fold back opening the length of your patio.

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Top Tips for Patio Designs – The Wow Factor

The difference between a useful patio and a useful patio that provides the wow factor does not need to cost you the earth.  Simple additions can make all the difference.  An ornate ceiling fan for example can transform your patio to a tropical haven.  You can also complement this look with the outdoor furniture.  Your outdoor furniture too does not need to be expensive.  There are fantastic bargains to be had on Gumtree and EBay.

If you are looking for a modern upmarket patio, dare we suggest a ceiling fan again?  There are some really incredible ceiling fans available, and these combined with some outdoor lighting make for a stunning patio that is suitable for use day and night and during the hot Brisbane summer months.

A more expensive idea but a very practical one is to have seating and storage built into your patio.  Should you decide on bench seating it is often a good idea to have these built such that you can store cushions inside the seats.  This keeps the cushions from weather damage, rain and fading and also makes it very easy to pull them out when you need them.

If you need privacy screen these too can be made into a feature rather than just a necessary addition.  There are now really fantastic colourbond shutters and bifolds that allow you the privacy and protection from the weather when you need it.  They also allow you to still enjoy the view and include natural light onto your patio at the same time.

If after reading this top tips for patio designs you still want further inspiration please have a look at our gallery.  There are plenty of photos of jobs that we have done in the past.  You can also take inspiration from our deck designs as patios are really just a deck, only closer to the ground level.

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