Advantages of Composite Decking

Are you thinking about using composite decking materials for your new deck?  We, at All We Do Is Decks have built many stunning composite decks in Brisbane.  Based on our experience we have listed for you the many advantages of a deck built with composite decking materials.

Less Maintenance

If you use the right composite decking (and you will with us) there is far less maintenance needed to keep your eco friendly deck looking great.

You can forget about sanding back and re-oiling or staining.  With a composite deck you just need to do is give it a good scrub and wash it down.

Recycled Materials – Environmentally Friendly

On of the main advantages of composite decking is, in our opinion that eco decks are environmentally friendly.  The materials that make up composite decks are mostly recycled plastic and wood scraps.


As composite decking is able to withstand insects infestations, and the damaging effects of salt, sun and rain they last longer with less maintenance than timber decks.

Ease of Construction

Composite decks are easier to build than timber decks.  The boards can be obtained in large lengths and they are consistent in size and quality making it an easier material to build with.

Easy on your Feet

Composite decks do not splinter nor do they heat up like a timber deck will, particularly if it is painted.  Furthermore eco friendly decks are not slippery.  These characteristics make composite decks very easy on your feet and if you have little children a really great advantage over traditional wooden decks.


There are a variety of different colours and wood like finishes available.  These have improved and continue to improve all the time.  Thus a composite deck can be very attractive and because it withstands the elements better, it looks good most if not all of the time.

One of the other advantages of composite decking is that the composite boards are also more uniform thus your eco deck looks seamless.  You can also obtain eco friendly railings and banisters which blend and enhance your deck.

Rot Resistant

As eco decks are primarily made of plastic and vinyl they are not susceptible to rot like traditional timber decks are.

Disadvantages of Composite Decking

Whilst there are many advantages of composite decking, there are disadvantages too.  Just briefly, disadvantages of composite decking are:-

Composite decking is more expensive than most other timber decking materials.

Composite decks are susceptible to scratches and damaged boards cannot be sanded back but will need replacing.

Eco decks can become mouldy and dirty; however the solution is pretty easy.  As said all you have to do is scrub down the deck and clean off the mould and dirt.  Often warm soapy water is all that you need.  However removing of stains does require additional work.

You need to choose your eco friendly decking carefully.  Poorer quality eco friendly decks may fade if exposed to the harsh UV rays of our Brisbane summer sun.

advantages of composite decking

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